Aims to enable Bangladeshi and BAME women in the Bethnal Green area to improve their quality of life, participate fully in society and reach their full potential

Community Events Project

GBMS organises a number of annual events to celebrate all major social, cultural and religious events promoting multiculturalism and educating women and children about other cultures. These events also inspire and empower young women, who then get involved with planning and running the following year’s events. In the past 12 months GBMS has observed International Women’s Day, Eid celebrations, Bengali New Year Festival, Xmas and New Year celebrations, Summer Fun and Family Outings. These events attracted about 200 – 250 Bangladeshi and other BAME women and children per event. In addition, the summer and family outings attracted 56 women and children and provided a day of sun and fun activities. Some of these events enabled local women to meet and interact with local councillors, the mayor and constituency MP in order to raise their concerns and views on local issues affecting their lives and communities.

Eid Re-union Party

International Women's Day

Day Trip August 2013

A coachload of Bengali women and children spent a most enjoyable day in Margate (below).