Aims to enable Bangladeshi and BAME women in the Bethnal Green area to improve their quality of life, participate fully in society and reach their full potential

International Women's Day

GBMS organised an event to celebrate the International Women' Day on 8 March 2008.

Worked with local women and teenage girls to empower them to take an initiative to plan and organise such event in meeting their particular interest and expectations. The produced and action plan and organised a very interesting event, consisting of beautiful needlework, tapestry and other artistic items made from home and brought from different parts of Asia.

A number of local women performed amazing dances at the event.

The event was designed to encourage women to develop their skills and confidence, inspired by this worldwide empowerment day for women, to participate more effectively in community life and express their thoughts and feeling about living in the local community with the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, councillors and community leaders.